General Physician and Diabetologist
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Consultant at : Gleneagles Global Hospital | Tambaram Medical Center


Dr. V. Ashwin Karuppan

Dr. V .Ashwin Karuppan is a consultant in General Medicine and currently works in Gleneagles Global Hospita & Tambaram Medical Center in Chennai.He has specialized in various departments of General Medicine, Diabetology , Infectious Diseases and Emergency Care. He has worked in reputed hospitals such has Madras Medical College, Fortis Hospitals & Apollo Hospitals and has over 10 year of experience in the field of General Medicine.

Dr. V. Ashwin Karuppan holds more than 10 National and International papers and publications to his credit and 10 research and review articles. He is also a Member of Indian Medical Association and RSSDI. He is passionate about his work and patriotism. Despite being a Green Card holder, he has been providing his services to many charitable hospitals across Chennai. He is the founding member of WINRIN foundation – a self funded charitable organization serving the economically weak section of the society who are unable to afford healthcare for chronic Illness such as cancer. He is young and dynamic and dedicates most of his time towards providing affordable treatments to patients.

Dr. V. Ashwin Karuppan has completed his PG in Diabetology from Boston University, Massachusetts, USA and PG in Cardiology (Royal College of Physicians).